Curing hemorrhoids at home: One ingredient and you would cure them!

St. John’s wort is good for hemorrhoids. It has haemostatic, cramps and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Hypericum curative herb is actually very simple and has so many useful characteristics.

Hemorrhoids’ ointment is made from the flower Hypericum. It is prepared very simple, two cups of flowers are necessary for two cups of refined oil and cooked all in water bath around 40 minutes, and then, it is necessary for the oil to cool down and drain. Keep the butter in the fridge. You could also prepare soup. It is prepared on the following way: 1 teaspoon of flowers on 1 teaspoon of water, cook only several minutes for heating, and then, leave it for 20 minutes. The soup is filtrated and it is taken half cup for 3 times per day, around 4-5 days.

Marigold also gives hemorrhoids a very good effect. It does not only cure hemorrhoids, but also has a positive effect on other diseases. From marigold flowers it is usually prepared grease. It is prepared on the following way: take 50 grams of marigold flower and 150 grams of fats, and all that is put in water bath. The following bath until it is hot is filtrated across gauze wrapped in several layers. It is necessary for the grease to cool down and lubricate hemorrhoidal cones in the morning and in the evening. Keep the grease in the fridge.

For hemorrhoids, it is good to drink half cup of pumpkin juice, 3 times per day and eat cooked pumpkin, baked, and stewed. Pumpkin is laxative and it has anti-inflammatory characteristics. Pumpkin is very useful for constipation, it improves the work of our intestines.

For hemorrhoids also helps lotions from strawberry leaves. Take one teaspoon of strawberry leaves and soak with 150 grams of boiled water, leave it to stay for 1 hour, filtrate it and use the lotion several times per day.


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